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Wacky Jacky: Celebrating the Heart and Soul of a Free Spirit

If you have ever felt different or out of place, you are not alone. You are in good company with Wacky Jacky who felt the same way. Join her as she learns to be herself no matter what. Wacky Jacky is a sweet story about a girl with a free spirit. The book is whimsical and inspiring for all ages and helps children to understand that the world needs them just the way they are — beautiful and unique. Two interactive pages at the end of the book — one for the child to complete and one for family and friends to complete — show children just how beautiful and special they are. Faerie Grace created Wacky Jacky from the inspiration of the Free Spirits she has met on her journeys. Faerie believes ‘they breathe life into me and into the world’ and ‘what makes you different is the very thing that makes you beautiful.’ Whimsical and inspiring for all ages. The world needs you just the way you are. Beautiful and unique.


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