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Art Inside Out

Art Inside Out, or AIO for short, is a twelve-lesson, self-directed art program with insights for a positive life. The original AIO consisted of in-person classes and has been used extensively in the Oregon State Correctional Institute as well as nursing homes, and mental health facilities with tremendous results. Now anyone can benefit from AIO through this self-directed program workbook.
Everything you need:

  • Self-directed curriculum to use on your own or in a group.
  • Twelve lessons consisting of reflection exercises, Q&A, art instruction, fun activities, and more.
  • An evidence-based approach with hundreds of success stories.
  • Spiritual reflections from the Bible for each lesson.

Art Inside Out is a twelve-lesson, evidence-based program that combines art and encouraging material to help create a better you. Each lesson includes positive healthy thoughts, connections between art and life, fun exercises, reflective questions, and drawing activities.

The program is designed to be done over 12 weeks or more. Currently being used in correctional facilities, memory care homes, mental health programs, and more.

Now available for home, school, church, group or individual use. Choose the traditional program or the new FAITH edition with weekly spiritual reflections.

Art Inside Out is about restoring self-value. We have learned many things throughout our lives, some good and some bad. Your genuine self is who you really are and the place to start if you decide to be a better person. Believing you are valuable and capable of change is of utmost importance. Art Inside Out will help you rediscover your genuine self and create a positive inner dialogue that reflects who you are as a unique and valuable person.

Everyone loves Art and we are born with the need to create. When you are creating, your mind is in overdrive, and desperately searches for information and instruction in order to make your creation the very best. While this is happening, we are able to understand and use the instruction and guidance we listen to. That’s why it’s important to fill your mind with positive words. Then you will be ready to create not only art, but you can also create a new you.


We use the Art Inside Out Program at our Recovery Center in St. Paul Minnesota. AIO works well with people struggling with addictions. The concept allows my clients the ability to reach their true selves. Julie K. Hooker, MSLADC, Director, Parity Wellness

“Art Inside Out is an exceptional course providing a unique opportunity for growth through understanding, reflection, and actual accomplishments. Course participants express enthusiasm and pride in their acquired art skills and personal insights. Through specific projects and self-reflection exercises, AIO helps people realize that they have value as a human being.” Dr. Bud Beamer, M.D.

Meet the Author
Aloha! My name is Kirk, and I have spent my life creating art. I understand the endless benefits that the arts and creating give us all. Art gives both aesthetic beauty and utilitarian guidance. I have a cautionary story to tell about my life thus far. I have personally made a genuine transformation from feeling insignificant and having no value, to feeling valuable. That feeling of value and importance is crucial in creating a great life. That’s where it starts. People count on you. Your friends and family need you, but more importantly you need you. We should understand that our community, our spiritual groups, our employer, and our friends and family all depend on us. I created this program with the hope of sharing my story of gaining self-worth and helping others.


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