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Did She Say That Out Loud?: A Non-Traditional Look at a Pastor’s Wife’s Life

Did She Say That Out Loud? is a refreshingly transparent look into the life of a Pastor’s Wife. Laura Simon finally says out loud all the real, raw, and relevant issues and challenges facing women who find themselves married to the Pastor-Preacher-Man-of-God.

Who knew being a pastor’s wife would be the equivalent of living in the Twilight Zone?

Laura’s down to earth banter and humor will keep a smile on your face as she honestly talks about the life and times of PW’s.

As she likes to say, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Pastor-Minister-Leader Wives need a safe place to reflect on the challenges they so often face, as well as somewhere to indulge and enjoy some much-needed laughter. Did She Say That Out Loud? delivers just that.


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