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Becoming an international family

Every child wants to be seen, known, and accepted for who they are. As parents, it’s our job to help our kids know they are valued and loved. Becoming an Intentional Family is a practical resource for creating a home where children feel that sense of security and belonging.

Anastasia Corbin says a family also functions as a “mini-church. “We are here to serve one another, encourage each other in our walks with the Lord, and serve together. The purpose of gathering our family is to build each other up and point us toward Jesus. What a beautiful way to represent Christ to this world.”

Designed to encourage, inspire, and equip Christian parents, Becoming an Intentional Family explores these five areas: family, marriage, parenting, home, and outreach with the goal of building a strong bond so children feel loved and valued.

This book is a valuable guide that will help parents become intentional in successfully raising their children, and giving them the gift of time and attention that result in lasting and meaningful memories and strong relationships.


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