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Dreams of Delphine

How might immersion in a sea of dreams impact a waking nightmare of traumatic loss?

Presden is a lone twin whose fearless sister, Delphine, perished in a horrific accident on the Louisiana bayou when they were eight. The tragic loss destroyed his family, forcing him to grieve in isolation.

Now grown and working as a hydrological engineer, Presden meets Merle, a Dutch woman with a deep affinity for the water—and for family. The two marry and repair to her homeland, where they find a house in a small fishing village alongside a dike that Presden has been hired to fortify. And there, Merle learns she is pregnant.

On discovering he’s to be a father, Presden is hurled into conflict with Merle, and into a series of dream encounters with Delphine that dare him to confront the guilt and shame of his loss, and to prepare for the unimaginable . . .


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