Angry with god


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When children are scared by a storm, afraid of the dark, or wake up from a bad dream, how can you remind them of God’s protection and love? When a storm keeps Logan up one night at Grandpa’s house, Grandpa comforts him with stories about angels in the Bible who are ever at the Lord’s command. When an incredibly powerful angel is on your side, there’s no reason to be scared or worried!

Angels on Your Side by best-selling children’s author Marty Machowski dives into a biblical exploration of God’s army of angels. Logan’s Grandpa teaches him that not only are angels real, but God uses his mighty warriors to guard him. Logan learns that God’s angels are an invincible army fighting on our behalf in the strength of the Lord.

Using 3D illustrations by Rommel Ruiz to depict the spiritual realm, children ages four to seven learn along with Logan that angels are watching over us and always on our side. Accompanied by two sets of 3D glasses, Angels on Your Side will become a favorite bedtime story, helping children remember the best way to combat our fears is to take them to God.

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