Abundance Books Publishing Contracts

Traditional Contract

This is a prestigious contract where no costs are incurred by the author. Abundance Books covers the entire cost of producing, publishing, and marketing the work. We take pride in investing in our authors and their manuscripts to bring high-quality books to the market.

Cost Coverage: All expenses related to editing, cover design, formatting, printing, distribution, and marketing are covered by Abundance Books.

Selection Process: We publish three to five traditional books per year, carefully selecting manuscripts that align with our mission and have significant market potential.

Emerging Authors: We reserve 75% of our slots for emerging authors, giving new voices an opportunity to be heard. This commitment helps nurture fresh talent and bring new perspectives to our readers.

Current Status: Our quota for 2024 is filled, reflecting our careful planning and dedication to each project. We are currently accepting proposals for 2025 and 2026, allowing ample time for thorough review and preparation.

Partnership Publishing Contract

This contract offers a collaborative approach to publishing. It is not a pay-to-publish opportunity, but rather a shared investment between the author and Abundance Books. All manuscripts undergo the same rigorous proposal and vetting process regardless of the contract type.

Shared Investment: Both the author and the publisher contribute to the up-front costs associated with producing and marketing

g the book. This model allows us to support more authors by distributing the financial risk.

Selection Process: Manuscripts are selected based on their quality, market potential, and alignment with our publishing goals. Even with shared costs, we maintain high standards to ensure the success of each project.

Support and Guidance: Authors receive the same level of professional support and resources as those under the Traditional Contract, including editing, design, and marketing services.

Limited Opportunities: As a small publishing company, we offer a limited number of partnership opportunities each year. This ensures that we can dedicate sufficient resources and attention to each project, maximizing its chances of success.

Proposal Submission Process

The journey for both contract types begins with a proposal. This initial step allows us to evaluate the manuscript and the author’s platform to determine the best fit.

1. Query Letter: Authors should send a query letter to outlining their manuscript, target audience, and any relevant background information.

2. Evaluation: Our editorial team will review the proposal to assess its potential. This includes evaluating the quality of the writing, marketability, and alignment with our publishing goals.

3. Decision: Based on the evaluation, we will determine if we can offer a Traditional or Partnership Publishing Contract. If the manuscript or platform needs additional work, we will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

4. Next Steps: Successful proposals will move forward in the process, including detailed discussions on contract terms, timelines, and project planning.

At Abundance Books, we are committed to supporting our authors and bringing exceptional books to the market. We look forward to discovering and nurturing new talent through our comprehensive and supportive publishing process.

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