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Live & Learn: Unexpected Lessons from God’s Classroom

When we say, “Well, live and learn!” we think of surprising outcomes.

You’ll relate to these essays if you’re tired of figuring out God’s guidance the hard way. Live & Learn features first-person stories about unexpected lessons from twenty-seven WordGirls. God uses big and small circumstances for monumental life-transforming moments. Even the insignificant can make a big impact when we pay attention.

The expression live and learn has been passed down through time to mean we often grasp life best by experience. Some of us catch on the hard way or take multiple times to comprehend and apply this sort of training.

Come discover the unexpected with us as you read along about:

  • Childhood life schooling
  • Hilarious ahas! with ha-has
  • Embarrassment as a teacher
  • Turning points in life
  • Stranger-than-life teachers
  • Tough-but-tender love

You will find these essays to be a balance of funny and serious, dialogue and narration, weighty and light.

“Our prayer is that Live & Learn will help you have your own studies in God’s classroom. Be on the lookout. It just might happen when you least expect it!” –Kathy Carlton Willis, founder of WordGirls

About WordGirls

WordGirls is a special sisterhood of writing support for women who write from a biblical worldview (whether for the faith market or general market). We propel writers to the next level—regardless of where they are today. Membership enrollment is offered in January and July. Besides our year-round services, we host online and in-person retreats.


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