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Life is a Story with God in it

You are sure to discover a new perception from the information in this book. The stories are real, true-life experiences. The scriptures are knowledge and a solution to a problem or situation. Guidance and direction come from the bible. The stories in this book portray various life circumstances. Some of the stories are sad; some teach a lesson; and others remind people about God, our creator. The message within the narratives may reveal a particular issue people struggle with. In some stories, the people are named; in the other stories, the characters do not have names. Some of these stories will make you smile, and some will make you cry; others make life questionable. I am sure you will find this book inspirational, motivating, and exciting. Prepare yourself for a delightful experience. Dr. Thomia Jones was born in Camden, New Jersey, and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. She is a retired art educator, an artist who became a minister completing her MDiv degree at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (United Lutheran Seminary). She received her Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Ministry from Newburgh Theological Seminary/College. Dr. Jones began the “Passion for Purpose Arts Ministry” with her husband Everett, and her daughter Thomia West. The ministry aims to do what Jesus did; serve others. Dr. Jones’s stories are true. She states, ” the solution to life concerns are found in the Bible.”


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