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Her Memory of Music

Life has taught Ally Brennan to stay on her guard–even in quiet Langley-by-the-Sea. A resourceful single mom, she’s content to play her beloved viola for an audience of one, fiercely protective of the stable life she’s created for her young son. She gives no hint of secret fears, a musical career abandoned, or the man she once loved who shadows their happiness.

When a burglary threatens Ally’s peaceful existence, it thrusts her into an unlikely friendship with her neighbor Rees Davies. As their families’ lives entwine, Ally and Rees resist the attraction between them, believing a future together could not possibly work.


Then a terrible accident draws her back to the hometown she fled, forcing confrontations with those left behind. If she hopes to reclaim the life she dreams of, Ally must make peace with what she’s sacrificed–and entrust dangerous secrets to those she’s come to love.

Lyrical and layered, Her Memory of Music explores the burden of love and the high stakes of vulnerability.


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