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Between the Lightning and the Thunder: What Would It Take for You to See Your Brother as God?

In this fictional account, James both looks up to and is perplexed and annoyed by his older brother, Jesus. Throughout his childhood, James witnesses amazing things but wonders why Jesus can’t just follow the rules like the rest of them. Why does Mama indulge him, especially after he begins leading that group of religious malcontents?

After Jesus is arrested and crucified, James stands at the foot of the cross in disbelief. In a moment of panic and regret, he flees and is thrown into a whirlwind of fear and confusion. As darkness descends on the city and lightning illuminates the heavens, James maneuvers through the chaos of Jerusalem and the Passover celebration. A mosaic of faces from the past reminds James of God’s love and grace—and the role Jesus played in getting them there. As James flees from doubt and uncertainty, could he be running into Jesus’s waiting arms?


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