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A Life of Significance: Ordinary People Fulfilling The Extraordinary Call of God

Start a clinic on the farm.


When Renee Marini hears a voice speaking to her spirit while in church, she has no doubt that almighty God has just given her an assignment. She and her husband, Sal, are to travel halfway around the world to establish a medical clinic at Sons of Thunder, a ministry in Zambia, Africa.


But what do they know about starting a clinic in Africa? What begins as a three-week mission trip to lay the groundwork for the clinic becomes a twenty-five-year (and counting) calling on their lives. By just taking the next step as God lights each stone, Renee and Sal witness God doing amazing things . . . over and above anything they can ever imagine.


Fighting against the expected hardships-chiefly, AIDS, malnutrition, and a high number of maternal deaths-they are also confronted with corruption, poverty, and indifference in the medical community. They face snakes, killer elephants, and perplexing local customs that involve witchcraft and body mutilations.


But for all the heartbreak, they witness even more miracles as it becomes clear that God’s purpose for them goes beyond healing bodies. He is using them to help Him heal souls. At every opportunity, they share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and their clinic is a light to the people they serve. In this engaging, thought-provoking memoir, they prove that God can use anybody-you just have to be willing.


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